Be amaze and fall in love with Greece visiting  Athens, Santorini, Meteora, Thermopylae, Delphi-Kalambaka and others historical and religious sites.


Delphi Archeological Site

  • Delphi lies between two towering rocks of Mt. Parnassus, known as the Phaidriades (Shining) Rocks, in the Regional unit of Phocis in Central Greece. Here lies the Pan-Hellenic sanctuary of Apollo, the Olympian god of light, knowledge and harmony.

Meteora, Thermopylae

  • Meteora is a unique area in Greece, and quite possibly the world. The wider area is full of impressive, massive rock formations. These rocks were formed millions of years ago. Over time, they were further shaped by the wind, rain and other natural phenomena.

Black beaches of perivolos & Perissa

  • Perissa is a seaside village on the south east coast of Santorini with several kilometers of black sand beach. Towering over the beach on the north side is the mountain of Mesa Vouno, site of Ancient Thira. Perissa connects with Perivolos, and the collective area is longest stretch of beach on the island. Both beaches are organized.

Monastery of Profitis Elias

  • Prophet Elias Monastery is located in the southeast part of Santorini, near the village of Pyrgos, on the summit of Mount Profitis Ilias. It is built at a height of approximately 567 meters above sea level, which makes it the highest point on the whole island and therefore a place with a tremendous view.

Panathenaic Stadium

  • The stadium was originally built around 330 BC on the site of a racecourse. It was used to host the Panathenaic games, a religious and athletic festival celebrated every four years to honour the goddess Athena.

Temple of Olympian Zeus

  • The Temple of Olympian Zeus in Athens, also known as the Olympieion, was built over several centuries starting in 174 BCE and only finally completed by Roman emperor Hadrian in 131 CE. Its unusually tall columns and ambitious layout made the temple one of the largest ever built in the ancient world.

The Parliament 

  • The Greek Parliament House in Athens: North of Syntagma square, in the center of Athens, there is an austere Neoclassical building that now houses the Parliament of Greece. This three-floor building has two entrances, one of the west side which is used for the entering of the MPs in the building, and another on the front side, facing the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Right next to the Parliament House, there are the National Gardens and Zappeion Megaron.

Temple of Athena Nike

  • It was built to honor Athena Nike, the goddess of victory. It was built over the remains of an earlier sixth-century temple to Athena that had been demolished by the Persians in 480 BC. The temple was an expression of Athens' ambitions to defeat Sparta and become a world power.

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Stop at  the battlefield of Thermopylae or Hotgates , where King Leonidas and the 300 brave Spartans gave their lives for the freedom of Greece. Honor and Glory was their moto. They achieved both, as their memory lasts forever. Be part of the religious and historical experience.

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