Taiwan is known for some of the best food in the world. There's a wide variety of snacks, hot foods, and interesting things to try. Some of the common local dishes include Beef Noodle Soup, Oyster Pancake, Wontons, Hot Pot, Mango Shaved Ice, Boba tea, Stinky Tofu, and really good/cheap breakfast.

Yehliu Geological

Yehliu Geological Park  resides within a cape 1.7km long and is home to some of the most famous eroded rock formations in the world. Due to the rather soft limestone composition of the rock layers, this area is prone to erosion from a combination of seawater, wave, and wind forces. The constant effect of these factors over time has resulted in a geological landscape that seems otherworldly.

Shifen Old Street

Shifen Old Street is a bustling hub for those eager to get a glimpse of an old railroad town which still retains the charm of yesteryear. Originally built to transport coal, the Shifen Old Street stop has now become one of the most popular on the Pingxi rail-line. It is easy to see why so many are drawn here - local food, souvenir shops and puffing trains add to the charm of this little gem, as well as make it a fantastic place for photography.

Shifen Waterfall

Shifen Waterfall is the most renowned cascading waterfall in Taiwan. Although not nearly the tallest the island has to offer, it's is certainly the widest at an impressive 40 meters. Because of its horseshoe shape and powerful flow, it is nicknamed the Little Niagara of Taiwan. Recessed within a beautiful forested mountainside setting, this waterfall often delights visitors with a bright rainbow on sunny days. Its colorful spectacle has also lent the waterfall its other nickname of “Rainbow Pond”.

Presidential Palace

The Presidential Office Building was previously the Office of the Governor-General of Taiwan during the Japanese period. The building was not just a key landmark in that era; its architectural integrity allowed the main structure to survive the Taipei Air Raid of May 1945, despite serious damage to its front left side. After repairs, the building continued to serve as the seat of political power in Taiwan. 

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall

The octagon-shaped white building rises 76 meters and is covered with blue tiles and red accents, echoing the flag of the Republic of China. The eight sides represent the Chinese cultural symbolism of the number eight which is traditionally associated with fortune and wealth. The two sets of 89 steps represent Chiang's age of death and lead up to main hall housing a large bronze statue of Chiang protected by military personnel which change hourly. 

Pineapple Cake Factory

Taiwan's famous pineapple cake brands.

 Raohe Night Market

Taipei comes alive at night. It’s when the often-oppressive temperatures recede that appetites emerge, and streets throughout the Taiwanese capital transform into humming markets ready to feed them. Locals and tourists compete for space as they wander through the tight corridors, scanning the seemingly endless line of light-strung food stalls for their next snack. Sausages pop over the grill while oyster omelets crackle on the griddle. The aromas of deep-fried mushrooms yield to those of sweet glutinous rice and pungent wafts of Taiwan’s renowned love-it-or-hate-it delicacy, “stinky”tofu.

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