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Documents Required

All of the required documentation listed below is mandatory for all applicants, We therefore strongly advise that applicants provide the documents as listed below, and should not provide documents based on any other source. If documents provided are not as per the requirements below, this may lead to delays at the application centre, and in some cases applicants may be required to take new appointments to resubmit their application.

Document checklist for visit visa fully Vaccinated and Core Family Member/Imperative reasonvisit-visa-checklist-sep-2021.pdf

Document checklist for visit visa Unmarried Couple.visit-visa-unmarried-couple-checklist-sep-2021.pdf

Relationship Declaration for visit visa Unmarried Couple. relationship-declaration-for-unmarried-couple.pdf


List of accredited Travel Health Insurances in the Philippines proposed-list-of-insurance-companies-as-of-8-november-2021.pdf